Program Overview

All Hunt Global Partnerships programs receive independent monitoring and evaluation, offering an objective impact evaluation after the execution of each project.


Hunt Global Partnerships was founded on a set of principles that guides our program design around the world. They include:

  • Addressing high-priority problems affecting the target population.
  • Focusing on the poorest sectors of the population in the area of intervention.
  • Studying local needs with the help of outside experts and in consultation with the communities themselves.
  • Selecting NGO partners that have a proven record of success through a competitive bidding process.
  • Promoting efficiency in the implementation of projects, high-quality services, optimal use of resources and replication of best practices.
  • Co-financing by the community through manpower and local materials.
  • Respecting the environment.
  • Fostering ownership of projects.
  • Implementing sustainable projects for the continuity of positive impacts once intervention is complete.
  • Adjusting every program to the particular needs and desires of each community.
  • Respecting cultural diversity.
  • Establishing a third-party baseline study and monitoring and evaluation system to collect important indicators and data.
  • Reviewing NGO partners' performance annually before contract renewal.
  • Setting clear, measurable goals that are evaluated by an independent panel of expert advisers annually.
  • Providing transparency during project implementation and management of funds.
  • Conducting effective communications.
  • Publishing our plans, methods and results for the benefit of others contemplating similar work.